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Cooking Field Trips in Miami

The ONLY Field Trip In Miami That Comes To You!

During one of The Real Food Academy's Mobile Kitchen year round field trip visits to schools

Fun and Affordable

Starting At
$12 Per Child
Give Us A Taste - You'll Be Amazed!
Because we can only cater to 1 school or organization on any given day, availability is limited. Click the button below to book your desired date & time now.
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A Life Changing Experience!
Learn the Benefits of "Real Food"
A Life Changing Experience!
Open To Kids Ages 3 thru 14
A Field Trip Like No Other!
Learn To Make Healthier Meals
During one of The Real Food Academy's cooking field trips in Miami, your students will discover the benefits of “real food” and find out how to use natural, alternative ingredients to make healthier meals.

They will also learn knife skills and the following cooking techniques: How to whip, blend, chop, mix, measure ingredients, knead dough, appreciate the process and so much more.

Life Changing & Simply Extraordinary!

Our cooking field trips in Miami are like nothing else students have ever experienced. Of course, there are all types of fun field trips in Miami for your students, but our program may be the 1st time your students have the opportunity to have a hands on experience with food.

Many of the students who take part in our field trips walk away with a new appreciation of where food actually comes from.

As you already know, there are countless benefits to having occasional field trips for your students. But, can you think of a better impression to make on your students than teaching them how to cook or bake nutritious, healthy meals they love?

No Need to Drive or Travel! The Real Food Academy's activities for students are unique in that our field trips come to you!

Open to Kids Ages 3 through 14.

Our cooking field trips in Miami are open to boys and girls ages 3 through 14 who may be interested in exploring the culinary arts. We also accommodate children under 3 years old when additional supervision is provided by the school, camp or organization.
We Provide Everything Your Students Need to Prepare the Meals!
Our mobile kitchen is equipped with everything your students will need to prepare succulent, healthy meals, including:
All portable equipment – Convection ovens, electric pans, griddle, blenders, mixers, juicer, etc.
Cooking utensils – Dishes, cups, spatulas, eating utensils, napkins, wet towels, cleaning supplies
Ingredients – All food ingredients
A Chef’s Hat for each child to keep for an extra $2 per child
All you need provide are tables, chairs and beverages.
A surprise visit from the superintendent
Because we can only cater to 1 school or organization on any given day, availability is limited. Click the button to book your desired date & time now.

Available Field Trip Dates

Booking time of 9 AM is flexible. Please call 786-395-0355 if your time needs to be adjusted.

Food Concerns About The Field Trips?

We do not use peanuts or peanut oil. Please notify us if any of the children that will be included in the Field Trip has any food allergies to flour, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, strawberries, bananas, pineapple or chocolate. We are happy to accommodate special requirements. We want the whole Field Trip experience to be a safe and fun one for everyone involved!

Our Menus

$12/pp Menu

$20/pp Menu

$2/pp chef's hat add-on (if desired)
Our ingredients include flour, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, strawberries, bananas, pineapple and chocolate. Please let us know if there are any kids with allergies to these ingredients in the final headcount step.

What Are Customers Saying About Their Experience?

Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Field Trips

No.  We are not an approved vendor in Broward county and have no plans to become approved in the foreseeable future.

Yes.  Not only is it an appropriate activity, we have found it to be one of the most gratifying for these students as well as for us!  We have successfully worked with all levels of special needs students.

Absolutely.  Call Chef Arthur anytime with your questions.  His direct number is 786-395-0355

The time needed for the event is affected by a number of different factors. 

  • The age of the children will affect the time needed.  Younger children take longer then older children.
  • The size of the group affects the time.  Larger groups take longer then smaller groups.
  • When we find the room with all the needed tables and chairs in place, that saves of time.  If we don't have to gather tables and chairs from other rooms in the school we can save a lot of time.

That said, we can usually get the job done in time regardless of the above circumstances.  We can simply work at a faster pace if needed.  However, when there is a time limitation we appreciate knowing well in advance.

Yes.  We always appreciate when the room is ready for us when we arrive.  Please have the needed number of tables and chairs in the room where the event will take place.  There is no need to arrange the table and chairs, just have them in the room.

3 day's before your field trip you will receive an email from us requesting a final head count.  If your "final head count" number is higher or lower, you can make the adjustment by replying to that email.  If we do not receive an adjusted number, you will be billed according to the original number.  If you supply us with a new number, the new number will be the amount you will be billed for.

Yes, your event can start anytime; whatever is best for you.  We are only suggesting 9am as a start time as this time works best for most organizations.  If you would like a start time before or after 9am please send an email request to [email protected] and follow up with a phone call to 786-395-0355 if a confirmation is not received within a few days of the requested change.


Our field trips are open to boys and girls ages 3 through 14 who may be interested in exploring the culinary arts.

A kitchen is not needed. We can setup in any classroom, cafeteria, etc.

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Reviews by Customers

About Our Field Trips


Our Kindergarten students visited The Real Food Academy for the first time and had an incredible experience. Not only was it very hands-on and very age appropriate, but the kids had the opportunity to make their culinary creation and dance while their meals were in the oven. Overall wonderful experience, we will definitely be visiting again.
- Chrissy Gonzalez

Women of Tomorrow Southwest High School

The girls had the most amazing time at The Real Food Academy. It was very well organized, and they loved their lunch. The info about nutrition was extremely useful. The chefs were great, humorous, and extremely accommodating even adding a few cupcakes to the birthday girls. Women of Tomorrow district office is now adding them to our recommended field trip list. Super job!!!
- Leslye Milks

Field Trip

We always enjoy our visits to The Real Food Academy. the students enjoy learning while they dance & make their own pizza. We always come back! Thank you, Chef Arthur
- Linette Rivera

Great experience!

Our summer campers had a great time!!
- Maria

Children Coordinator

The service was super. The chef was interactive with the children made them laugh, made them dance. They enjoyed it immensely, and the sous chef was the best in the world with everything setting up cleaning everything highly recommend to anyone that's looking for a field trip interesting different than the usual.
- Amarilis San Pedro

Awesome Camp Field Trip

The kids were super excited to do the hands on cooking experience. They also thought it all tasted great! Awesome option to bring a field trip to you!
- Stephanie Fernandez

Sample Entree Menu

Sample Dessert Menu

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