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A Complete Guide For All Events and Classes Offered At The Real Food Academy During The COVID-19 Restrictions

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Regarding How COVID-19 Restrictions Are Implemented. Please read carefully as it will affect all activities hosted at our facility or provided by us.

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What You Can Expect From The Real Food Academy During COVID-19

To take the temperature of all guests upon arriving at The Real Food Academy. Anyone showing symptoms will not be admitted.

All staff members will be wearing a mask when not able to social distance.

Staff will enforce social distancing among all guests.

A strict sanitizing regimen for all tables, chairs, utensils, and all surfaces you may come in contact with.

What We Expect

The requirements listed below are what The Real Food Academy expects from you during any event held during the COVID-19 restriction period.
Arrive wearing a mask. Mask can be removed once you are seated and social-distanced from other guests.
Stay home if you have any symptoms of Covid-19, or have been exposed to anyone who has test positive within the past 14 days.
Keep a distance of at least 6 ft from anyone at The Real Food Academy when not wearing a mask. NOTE: If you come with a spouse, a friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc., there is no need to social distance from that person.

Team Building Events and Parties

Days and Times Offered
Offered nine times a week.
Saturday - 1:00pm to 3:00pm
Saturday - 4:30pm to 6:30pm
Sunday - 3:00pm to 5:00pm
See current availability on the calendar below
The kid’s birthday parties described here will essentially be the same as birthday parties offered before COVID-19.
Start Planning A Non-Social Distancing Kids Birthday Party
However, the following additional criteria will be required to be met. 
  • All attendees will consent that they HAVE NOT BEEN social distancing with each other prior to the party. (To be clear; this applies to those who socialize together regularly and do not wear masks and do not social distance.)
  • All attendees have socialized together recently and previous to the party. No new people will be introduced to this group at The Real Food Academy.
  • No child or adult is showing any symptoms of COVID-19
  • No child or adult has been exposed to anyone testing positive with COVID-19
NOTE: This is a private event and you will not be mingling with anyone other than people from your party.

Available Kids Birthday Party Dates

Plan your party as large as you want! We've got the room!

Starting price shown above includes up to 10 kids. You will be charged for the additional kids based on the final headcount provided prior to the party date.

Kids Cooking Classes (In Person)

Days and Times Offered
Offered twice a week
Saturday - 9:45am to 11:30am
Wednesday - 4:30pm to 6:00pm
Classes are limited to 30 students
Children will arrive at the party wearing a mask. They will be invited to remove their masks once they are seated and social distanced from other children.
All children will wear a mask when out of their seat for any reason.
Book Saturday Cooking ClassBook After School Course
Social Distancing
  • All children will be social distancing throughout the classe and will not be sharing any utensils at any time. The only exception to this rule would apply to siblings attending together.
  • Each child will be assigned their own station where they will stay during the class.
Minimum Age of Children
The minimum age for children to attend has been increased to age 7. We have found that kids younger than 7 years old do not fully grasp the importance of following the new CDC guidelines. We understand this may be disappointing to some families but we will err on the side of caution.
Options For Parents During Class
  • Our café is a separate area but located right alongside the birthday party area. Interested parents are welcome to enjoy some delicious food, smoothies, coffee drinks, wines, beer, and champagne while they wait for their child. From this area, parents can even see what’s happening in the class.
  • If no seating is available inside the café, there are lots of tables available outside.
  • Parents are welcome to drop their child off and return 2 hours later for pick up.

Kids Cooking Classes (Online)

Days and Times Offered

Currently offered once a week
Sunday - 11:00am to 12:00pm
Coming Soon, First Date To Be Announced
This is a brand-new class we developed for those who are still not comfortable attending “in-person classes”.

Online and Interactive

This will be a “Live Streaming Class” which means it is live! Even though it may feel like you are watching a YouTube video, you are not. What’s nice about this type of class is you and your child will be able to ask questions and make comments during the class. There will not be a camera on you so you don’t need to be dressed up. If your dog barks or the baby cries…NO Problem, we won’t hear a thing! It’s like being there but from the safety of your own home.
Book an Online Cooking Class

How It Works

You will go [here] to register. The works the same way as registering for an “in-person” class at The Real Food Academy.

As soon as you register for the upcoming class, you will receive a confirmation email.
Included in the confirmation email you will receive:
  • A complete list of ingredients and utensils needed to participate in the class.
  • Instructions of any preparation that will be required to be completed BEFORE the start time of the class. This is necessary when your child would like to participle in real-time during the class.

Two options on HOW to take this class.

OPTION #1 Cook and Participate in “real-time”!

This will require you to purchase all the ingredients and utensils prior to the class. Follow the instructions and do any preparation needed prior to the class time.

OPTION #2 Participate in “real-time and cook later!
If you register late or just can’t get the ingredient on time, NO WORRIES! Even if you are not cooking during the live class, you can still participate. Ask questions and make comments just like anyone else.

Here’s the best part, every enrollee will receive a copy of the actual class. It’s yours to keep! This will give you the freedom to take the class again and again whenever you have the time.

Mommy and Me (In Person)

Days and Times Offered

Currently offered 4 times a year
September 25th, 2020 - 5:00pm to 7:00pm
Additional dates to be announced

Minimum Age of Children

The minimum age for children to attend Mommy and Me classes remain at 5 years old. We can keep the age at 5 for this class as we expect the parents to help to enforce the social distancing rules.
Book A Mommy and Me Class


Children and parents will arrive at the class wearing a mask. Both will be invited to remove their masks once they are seated and social distanced from other families. Both children and adults will wear a mask when out of their seat for any reason.

What's New About The Class

This class will in most ways resemble our mommy and me classes pre Covid-19, but with one important difference.

While you will be working side by side with your child, you will be separated from other families by a minimum of 6 feet. Your family will be assigned your own station away from other families and will not be sharing any utensils with anyone.

In this class, we encourage mom and dad to attend together with your child or children. This could include a grandparent or even an aunt or uncle.
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