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About Us

The pre-eminent destination in Miami for all things culinary. This includes classes and parties for kids and adults and summer camp for kids.

Our Mission

We are committed to excellence. We will never be satisfied with our successes of the past. We will always strive to improve our services and find new and exciting ways to nurture and impress our customers.

Our Vision

To be known as the “go to” company in Miami when looking for culinary fun or classes. We will exceed or customers’ expectations in every way. Whether it’s a party or a class, we want each and every customer floating away from The Real Food Academy on CLOUD NINE.

We Educate

We decided early on that it simple did not seem responsible to teach people how to cook without teaching them at the same time…”how to eat”! Our customers learn that there is a cause and effect when it comes to the food we eat. Good things happen to our body when we eat “Real Food”. Bad thing happen when we eat “processed food”.

We Party

Parties and celebrations and fun are central to good health. Spending time with loved ones is something we all cherish. That’s why we have developed the best parties.

We Nourish

Through our classes and our Café, we show our customers that when "real food” is prepared properly, you will be nourished and your palate will be excited as well.


The Real Food Academy is led by husband and wife team Arthur and Maria Cummins. Chef Maria likes to say” I gave birth to the company and Arthur raised it”.

Chef Maria Cummins

Maria Cummins Founded Cooking With Kids Miami In 2008 And Is The Head Chef of the Academy.

Arthur Cummins

Arthur Cummins joined Cooking With Kids Miami in 2010. Prior to that, Arthur spent his entire adult life in the field of sales and marketing.

History of The Real Food Academy

Chef Maria Offers An After-School Cooking Program At a Local Montessori School

One of the first of it's kind offering students healthy options to cooking.


Founded the company Cooking With Kids Miami

First Kids Birthday Party Offered
First Kids Birthday Party Offered

Chef Maria does the first kids birthday party (at the child’s home)

First Cooking Field Trip

Chef Maria completes the first “in house” cooking field trip ever offered in Miami


Chef Maria creates her own website and generates more interest in her classes, parties and field-trips.

Begins Doing Regular Cooking Classes
Begins Doing Regular Cooking Classes

Chef Maria begins doing regular cooking classes for kids at the Miami Shores community center every Saturday morning. This turned out to be a rousing success!

Chef Saluki Joins The Team

Chef Maria hires chef Saluki and others to assist in bigger parties and more classes. This widens the services once again.


Chef Maria rents her own location in Miami Shores

First Summer Camp Offered
First Summer Camp Offered

Chef Maria introduces another amazing service that goes on to become one of the most popular summer events in Miami Shores.

Arthur Joins The Company

Maria’s husband Arthur officially joins the company

Name Changed To The Real Food Academy

In recognition of the wider services and inclusion of Adult parties, cooking classes, summer camps, winter camps, Team building events, Cooking With Kids Miami becomes The Real Food Academy.

Adults Are Welcomed Too
Adult Parties

Chef Maria adds Adult Cooking Classes and Adult Parties to the services offered.

Sign Lease For New Location
Sign Lease For New Location

We've found a great new spot for The Real Food Academy, and signed the lease. Construction begins right away to make the space our own.

Move Into New Location
Inside the new building

Construction is finally done on the new building and we moved in.

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