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kids-class Overall rating: ★★★★★ 4.9 based on 112 reviews.
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Amazing Class

My daughter really enjoyed the Cinco de Mayo themed Saturday class. Everything she made was delicious and used healthy ingredients.
- Monica Barquin-Giarraffa

Excellent class!

Valeria went today to the sushi class for kids and she loved it! She wants to go back next week.
- Jennifer Swanton

Amazing time

It was an amazing experience as always my kids had a good time and learned new cooking techniques, I love the place and very much recommend
- Vivian Urquijo

Can I Have a Cooking Class?

After attending a birthday party at the RFA, my daughter takes every opportunity to return for more classes. Saturday cooking class is the one activity that consistently interests her. She gets great satisfaction from preparing the meals and then making them for her family at home. Looking forward to additional locations closer to our home, but the drive is totally worth it.
- Kimberly Aguilar

Making Noddles is Awesome

Can't wait to go to another kids class. I loved making noddles for Chinese New Year. I want to practice at home too. So much fun. Thank you!
- Sol

Saturday kid cooking class

My son loved his first Saturday morning class. He was really excited to be hands on. Everything was so well organized ,exciting and healthy he can’t wait to go back.
- Cindy

Amazing cooking class

My grandson was so happy learning and preparing all these treats. The class was just an excellent experience. It was so well organized and chef did a great job giving instructions. My grandson wants to go back.
- Elizabeth

Fun Cooking Experience

My son enjoyed his first hands-on cooking class!!! He can’t wait to return back to learn healthy food facts and try new cooking recipes! Thank you!!!
- Gerry Li

Class Saturday

Mi hija de 5 años fue FELIZ con su clase de cocina! el ambiente super recomendable y profesional. Soy pastelera y recomiendo 100% este lugar =) GRACIAS! y seguramente volveremos con mi hija a sus clases.
- Juliana Cantarella

Food Truck

My crew enjoy the cooking class and would like to come again
- Derrick Brown

Awesome experience

We celebrated our daughter’s 9th birthday there and everyone had a great time. The crew is so attentive and nice. We loved the experience and will definitely be back. The space is really cool.
- Leda Wilson


Today when I saw my daughter clapping her hands I knew that was a sign of a satisfactory accomplishment. She was so into the class. The praises from the chefs encouraged her confidence and motivated her to want know more. My daughter has Asperger Syndrome and it’s difficult for her socially. However, the smiles and claps from her today was simply priceless. Thank you.
- Marie ST


My daughter really enjoyed her class, all was very organized, fun, healthy, pretty… we will be back for sure as many times as we can… she wants to be a chef :)
- Adela

Great fun!

My children thoroughly enjoyed the Saturday morning class. They even tried cauliflower! We will definitely return it’s a great way to spend time cooking, learning and eating!
- Wendy

Cooking class

My daughter had such an amazing time in the class. She loved being there and being part of the group.
- Mariana Ramirez


My both daughters (5 & 9) enjoyed a lot the Saturday class!! Definitely we are going to back!! Super organized, clean, healthy and the staff very nice.
- Frida

Great activity for kids!

My daughter enjoyed doing the class and made 3 impressive food items. It was all themed which was fun! Highly recommend!
- Brittany Faw

Saturday Kids Classes

Very happy to see how u lead the kids during the whole class.
- Lizette

Great Class

My kid loves it
- Athena

Great experience

I began taking my son here because he is a very picky eater. It’s been a very positive experience for us! Not only does he enjoy the process and interacting with foods he’d normally never eat, but it’s slowly opening him up to experimenting with new foods.
- Jack

Just wow!

I was completely blown away, the concept is genius, I am happy that Miami has finally a place like this to teach those kids who really enjoy cooking and are anxious to learn.
- Mia brissson

I love Cooking Classes!

Lincoln loves Cooking Classes at The Real Food Academy! He learns to cook, enjoys the techniques and the food. Also, the school is really great and flexible about food-allergies/sensitivities.
- Lincoln Macy

Love everything about it!

My boys really enjoy the Saturday class and what I love the most about it is how flexible they are in adapting the ingredients to a plant based diet. Highly recommend!
- Isabela Joffe

Such a great experience!

My daughter had such a great experience at the Real Food Academy’s Saturday kids session. The moment we stepped in Maria welcomed us with the biggest smile. I watched the entire session from upstairs and I loved it from the beginning till the end. My daughter is looking forward to attend their week long summer camp next week. :)
- Emel

Saturday Fun

My daughter loves the Saturday morning classes she takes at the Food Academy. She always leaves happy and well fed. I consider her a very skilled little chef and she says she always learns something new!
- Leslie


My 16 yr old and my 12 yr old sons both enjoyed the class. It was a pleasure to see them do something they can use in everyday life.
- Maia Eagle

Great place

What a great example for my boys. They loved it from beginning to end. The food they made was so tasty! The staff was also so nice and helpful. Definitely want to go back real soon.
- Adrienne

Kids Class Was Great!

The kids class was so well organized. The kids loved it and I would highly recommend others to check it out!
- Jennifer Gober

Saturday kids Class

Amazing class. Kids had a blast. All different ages, had a great time.
- Regina

Kids cooking class

I took my girls to the Saturday, April 16th cooking class and both of them absolutely loved it! It was completely hands on, from chopping their own vegetables, to rolling their own dough. It was a huge step up from other classes they have attended. I highly recommend trying one of their classes. My girls can’t wait to go back!
- Dorian Ruocco


fun for my 6 years old
- melinda szanku

Me encanto

Primera vez que llevo. Mi hijo! Y me encanto, el ambiente es muy agradable! Sin duda volveremos
- Marina

Best time ever

My daughter walked in so scared wanting me by her side and left so happy and wants to come back every weekend! I’m so happy I booked this class for her!
- Samantha Jean

Kid cooking class

My son and his two friends attended your recent Saturday kid cooking class for 11th birthday and they had a blast! The class was educational and fun… and the menu was delicious! They are anticipating their next class!
- Kerryann Dawkins


My son loved his classes. He had so much fun and learned great skills. The food he prepared was so tasty.
- Jessica Prosonic

Fall flavors

Excellent exp for my grandson Franco Rodriguez. Looking forward for next Saturday class
- Myriam Rodriguez


My daugther enjoyed the class very much. She loved it. She wants to comeback every Saturday. The food was very good and tasty.
- Daniela H

Excellent Activity

My son loves go every Saturday to his cooking class and he is anxious to know whichis going to be the next recipe. Chef Isa is very patient with the kids.
- Milagros McNally

Great and educational

My child enjoyed every part of the class. She was very motivated by the teacher and enjoyed the whole establishment. Definitely will take many classes at this academy. I believe its important to develop childrens love for healthy food and this is absolutely the place to go!
- Raisa

general experience

the patience and genuine love for cooking shown to this days group of children was very obvious! and appreciated
- Nina

The best!!

Amazing place , my daughter and I enjoyed every single minute there, the team are super professional , We definitely repeat the experience soon . Thanks for this wonderful place.
- Coset Hernandez

Great Experience

Loved it, but more importantly, my son enjoyed it to the max. He was so happy!
- Sofia Vozzi

Always an amazing experience!

Chef Isa and the entire staff of the Real Food Academy always manage to amaze our kids while teaching valuable food lessons. Kids love the environment, the attention and the learning experience. Thanks for always amazing our kids!!
- Allan Mota


Great experience! My daughter had a blast.. we will come back for other classes..
- Bianca C

A MUST for kids!

The program is so well designed. It’s for all ages and skill levels and at the end of each class your child is so proud of what they cooked and learned. I HIGHLY recommend
- Angela

Great experience

My 5 and 8 year old kids had such a great time at their first cooking class. They cannot wait to go back and I had a great time watching from a distance and learning tips. And the fact that my kids made and enjoyed eating their cupcakes made with zucchini is a plus for me! I love how nutritional education is incorporated into the class. I highly recommend for all ages!
- Christina Feliciano

Comfortable in the Kitche

My daughter who is in her tween started with The Real Food Academy about 2 years ago. I am appreciative of the confidence she developed in the kitchen. She can prepare and concoct her own food which are good enough. Only thing is she leaves me all the dishes and the cleaning up. I will send a note next time that she is allowed to help clean up after after the class.
- Mary

Great class

My son and daughter joined the Saturday class. They made delicious sushi and had a great time!
- Zoe Canobbio

Happy Days

The cupcakes were delicious. I learned about making them healthy and good to eat. First, we needed to make them with a lot of ingredients, like the carrot cupcakes. I enjoyed being Chef Isa’s helper too!
- Alexandrea


I love the Real Food Academy! In my last class we made our very own pizzas and I loved the sauce made from scratch. I also loved the vegan salad dressing which was delicious & important for me to learn bc my parents are vegan. Thank you RFA! I love you! @sofiatheprincesschef
- Sofía Sanchez

Great Experience!!!!

My son enjoy every class in this Academy, We have been attending for more than a year at The Real Food Academy and he love all classes . The staff is wonderful and my son have learned every cooking detail. We can recommend this school to everyone that want to learn healthy recipes .
- Daniel Montenegro


My daughter enjoyed the class a lot! She wants to go back every Saturday.
- Carolina Henao

Love it

My kids (12 and 8 years) have taken Saturday classes at the Real Food Academy for the past 3 years and have also attended Summer Camps. They love how different each class is, that they try out different cuisines and learn new techniques!
- Nina Lewerenz

Great Time

My kids had a great time, we will definitely return.
- Natalie

Rewarding Experience

This was the most interactive activity on a Saturday morning. My child was engaged for 2 hours. The parents were awesome and friendly. The cappuccino was delish.
- Kimberli Nelson


They loved it.
- Samamtha Pelegrino

The Real Food is the real deal

This is not a drill! The kids cook, cut and mix all the ingredients themselves.. also it is delicious! My daughter loves coming here. My husband loves the leftovers :)
- Tatiana Zapata

Left Class With a Big Smile

My granddaughter is hard to please with activities, so when she left the Saturday morning cooking class with Maria with a big smile and said, “can I go again?” I smiled too. I stayed in the academy during the class, and it was well organized and each group got attention from Maria when needed. When it was time to eat her creations, I was surprised my GD ate a food she has told me repeatedly she doesn’t like. The class gave her a sense of ownership of the food she usually doesn’t experience to that level. The food was nutritious and made in a kid friendly way— texture and flavor profiles. We will be back when she is in town!
- Rachel

Excellent class

My son loves the cooking class. The set up is so nice and clean and organized. It’s perfect. He loves going and the staff is outstanding. I highly recommend this class
- Juliana Schaffer

Best Birthday Gift EVER!

Since our 11 year old has a dream of becoming a Pastry Chef someday, we thought a cooking class at Real Food Academy would be a birthday gift to remember. What an amazing experience! From start to finish, he had an amazing time, learned some great cooking skills, and tried new foods! It brought such a smile to our faces to watch him explain in great detail how he made each dish! Thank you!
- Megan

Great time!

My 11yr old took a Saturday class for the first time and she loved it! She is super excited to show off her skills at home.
- Rita

Kids had a blast!

Wonderful! Kids had a blast!
- Ultrina Harris

Great experience!

My daughter had a fantastic time during class. She is 4 and wished she had other young kids in her class, so I am planning to coordinate 1-2 four-year-olds to join us moving forward.
- Lindsay Hopkins

She loved it

I’ve never seen my daughter so hype to eat something healthy.
- Jimmy Jean-Paul

The girls had an amazing time

The girls enjoyed very much the Italian Bruch class, Clean environment, healthy food and great staff!!
- Monica Wilson

My 4 year old loved it!

My son enjoys making pancakes with my husband on the weekends, but this was a special treat for him. As soon as the class was over he pulled me in tight and said, “Mom, thanks for bringing me to this class. Can we come again?” He proceeded to tell the family over dinner that he learned to crack an egg on his own and chop vegetables. Teaching kids to be comfortable and safe in the kitchen with the new skills they learned are valuable life lessons. We will be back in the near future for more cooking classes.
- Deanna Hirshorn

Great Experience

Both of my girls loved it!! They both keep asking me that they would like to go again.
- Mayra Sousa


Last Saturday was my son's first cooking class with The Real Food Academy. He loved it so much that he asked for the recipe and had me buy the ingredients just so he can make it again on Sunday. He can't stop raving about this class to his friends as well. He asked me to print out the schedule for the month so he can go again. It was also fun for my husband and I to watch him enjoy himself and learn how to cook. We will definitely return for more classes! Thank you for an awesome experience! -Priscilla
- Priscilla

Real Food Cooking, we Loved it!

My children love cooking with me, learning new dishes, and growing their skills in the kitchen. This session was great for them!It was fun, tasty and taught them new recipes for Real Food. We will definitely return for more classes! So much fun! Thank you!
- Charlene

Great experience!!!!!

Last Saturday was my daughter 1st time at The Real Food. She loved it so much she talked about it for 2 today's. She will continue her cooking classes every Saturday. Thanks to all the chief ans staff. I highly recommend you signing your child up trust me you will not be disappointed.
- Shereka

My daughter had an amazing time.

I have wanted my daughter to attend a cooking class for awhile. She had a great time the staff was friendly and the food was amazing. It was the best 35 dollar I ever spent. I will be returning.
- Desharee Williams

It was a great experience.

My son had an amazing time in class and has been asking when he could go back. I also enjoyed myself. The area you have set up for parents was spacious and perfect for taking pictures while the children were at work. We absolutely loved this experience and will definitely be returning. I have recommended this to so many of my friends and colleagues as well.
- Crystal damis

Good experience

Good experience. Kids enjoyed it. Was nice to see them try food which vegetables they refuse to eat before.
- Miguel


We have the best experience at The Real food Academy!
- Annia

Excellent class

Wonderful experience for my son. He loved it!
- Juliana Schaffer




Excellent staff and Very good class for my daughter (who actually doesn’t like vegetables) to start eating vegetables and new flavors!
- Helen

Highly recommend

Excellent professionalism and attention to detail. Highly recommend. Fun atmosphere during the class and my students (7th graders) learned a lot.
- Amy T.

My kids really love this place

My kids really love this place. The teachers make it fun and they enjoy cooking. We have not yet been to their new place but we are excited to go and check it out. They have a great deal on classes for kids so check out their webpage.
- Maribe G.

Great way to get used vegetables

It was amazing. My daughters are super picky and they ate cauliflower pizza.
- Tania Sepulveda


My girls enjoy the classes, the staf are 5 stars.
- Yusmely

We love the class

Excellent class
- Christal N

This place is fantastic!

This place is fantastic. My six year old son enjoys helping me in the kitchen so I figured he would like this. He LOVED it! It smelled fantastic in there and the food was delicious. Saluki was so sweet and patient and my son absolutely loved her. We will definitely be back.
- Fernanda F.

My daughter had a wonderful time.

My daughter had a wonderful time. The place is really nice and clean.
- Denise H.


I took 4 classes with Maria, a wonderful chef and host. She teaches how to cook healthy food in a relaxed and friendly environment and makes the classes a fun experience. I cooked for a small group on Mother's day, avocado and veggie wraps and pistachio-crusted salmon, which was a big success! I highly recommend the course to anyone interested in cooking healthy food!
- Colin Weir

Healthy Super Bowl pick!

My two daughters loved the class! My older daughter even created the Cauliflower hot "wings" at home for our Super Bowl celebration and is asking when she can go back to your class again!
- Judy Williams

Awesome Class!

My son loves cooking and now even more after trying this class! My other son loved it so much that he is going to start next Saturday as well. It's awesome because of the small class setting. It allows our kids to learn and love the art of cooking! Thanks Chef Maria! Kirsys
- Kirsys E. Encarnacion

"Now, he's excited to try new foods"

I can't say enough good about the real food academy and it's chefs, we have learned a lot and taken the information home with us for better eating. My son who is 11, was such a picky eater I would cry!! Now, he is excited to try (at least) new foods, and I'm happy to report he's liked eveything thus far! :) Thank you!! The Sirotzkys'
- Arlen Sirotzky

"Excelente experiencia"

Excelente experiencia, mi hija Elena Angulo es Venezolana y aunque no maneja mucho el idioma para ella fue una experiencia super increíble le encantó, ella siempre ha tenido inclinación hacia la cocina desde muy pequeña a pesar de tener 8 añicos. Muchas gracias. Saludos!!
- Italia Solorzano

"My daughter had a great time!"

My daughter had a great time!! She tried foods she would never eat with me!! Thank you!!
- Lily Lamelas

"Great Class!!!"

Wow !! My daughter actually loved spinach pasta!!!! I couldn't believe it !!!! Great class!!!
- Linda Nosanchuk

Great class!!

Wow my daughter tried salmon for first time and loved it !!! Thanx so much Great class!! See you July 16!
- Linda Nosanchuk

Wonderful Experience

My daughter had a wonderful experience! She throughly enjoyed her time in the class. The whole staff was so friendly, informative and attentive. My daughter can't wait to come back for her next class. Thank you for a great culinary experience.
- Sheena Cepeda

"we want to come everyday!"

Once again Hailee and Laylah had the best time on Saturday. To quote my nieces, "we want to come everyday!" It's a new experience every time they attend The Real Food Acadamy. Thank you so much ! Rory Gershon on behalf of the Woods sisters
- Rory Gershon

Cooking was so fun!

Dear Chef Maria, My children Helaina (age 6) and Joshua (age 3) have so enjoyed your cooking classes this school year! They even battle over who gets to go to cooking on a particular day. It is so fun to see them learn about nutrition, manners, and different cultures, while at the same time creating something they can be proud of and enjoy eating too. I feel like we have traveled around the world with your international menu and age-appropriate dishes. Thank you for making learning so fun and delicious! We look forward to cooking with you for years to come! With Love,
- The Harris Family

Delicious And Super Healthy!

Your program teaches children about healthy choices, how food is grown, and the agricultural process foods goes through and so much more! It opens the children’s eyes and exposes them to “What it Means to be Healthy and Eat Healthy!” The children work in groups and learn about community building, working together and the end result is DELICIOUS!!! A special thank you to the The Real Food Academy for the many years of excellent service and education that your Chefs have brought to the children of Le Petit Papillon Montessori School! We wish you much success in the years to come! Damarys Zarling Head of School Le Petit Papillon Montessori School
- Damarys Zarling

We are so Pleased!

We are SO pleased with your after school cooking program. Our students look forward to your classes every week! Not only do the students love the chef (she is amazing in every way) but she is always on time and very prepared. The students have learned more than just to appreciate a good meal. They have truly learned to prepare and cook using the healthiest of ingredients. And most importantly, they LOVE to eat it as well! A fantastic hands-on approach in teaching kids to live happy and healthy lives. Thank you! Ileana Nardo After School Director St. Stephen's Episcopal Day School Coconut Grove, FL
- Ileana Nardo

Absolutely phenomenal experience

Absolutely phenomenal experience. My son Austin thoroughly enjoyed every step of the cooking class and loved Chef Maria!!
- Stephanie Sayfie-Agard

She cannot wait until the next time

This was the first time my daughter took the cooking class and she loved it. She is a very picky eater and I was so happy she tried what she made. She cannot wait until the next time we go. I would truly recommend this place to others. My daughter really enjoyed the chef she worked with and everyone was so nice.
- Monica Antongeorgi

Thank you for a great experience.

My daughter had a wonderful experience! She thoroughly enjoyed her time in the class. The whole staff was so friendly, informative and attentive. My daughter can't wait to come back for her next class. Thank you for a great culinary experience.
- Sheena Cepeda

I can't say enough great things

I can't say enough great things, with every class my son is enjoying more coming and trying things that was a battle before!! Thank you!
- Arlen Sirotzky

Keep up the great work!

An excellent class my kids really enjoy it. Keep up the great work.
- Zoila Simmons


Hi! I think what you guys are doing there is amazing!!! I loved it and I'm glad we signed up! My picky eater tasted everything and had a great time !! I do have one wish, the kids should take home respite cards of what they made. Thank you and looking forward to next Saturday. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!
- Arlen Sirotzky

Great experience for my kids!

It was a great experience for both kids, and a nice surprise to be able to share with them at the end of the class. My daughter even made us the same baked chicken with panko recipe for dinner. They will definitely be back, regularly.
- Dennis Murcia

Food was delicious

Great class, and the food was delicious. It may be a good idea to make it clear if a beginners or advanced class and offer both. Thank you
- Andrea Caprio

Thanks for a wonderful time!

Andrew (12) and Sara (10) had such a great experience with you, Chef Jeffrey and your wonderful staff and learned a great deal about smarter ways to cook with smart ingredients on Saturday. I am positive that when they visit in the future, their first request will be to return to The Real Food Academy. We were all impressed with the 13 students -- everyone with rapt attention and full participation...quite a feat for 13 (students) under 13! Thank you for a wonderful and tasty time!
- Kathleen Redmond

Chef Jeff was the best!

Wow!! My daughter had an amazing time during her Saturday cooking class! Chef Jeff was the best! She learned so much in just one day. She has asked me to help me cook every night since her class! We will be back soon!! Can you PLEASE open another location in Miami? :)
- Mary March

The Best experience for Kids

The children had the most wonderful cooking experience. Not only did the get to roll out their dough, use a pasta machine, make fruit parfaits, and then enjoy the fruits of their labor. The music was invigorating, Chef Arthur gave easy to understand instructions, and everything was extremely organized. The children along with their teachers had the most wonderful morning. Thank you again for coming out to our school and offering a cooking experience teaching children about healthy choices. Leaving the school after your visit, I met one of the children leaving with their parent. The mom asked her son about his experience, and said they were going home to make dinner. He told her they had to go buy a pasta machine to make their own pasta for dinner. I guess using the pasta machine was a hit with the children and the teachers as well. Thank you again, and we are looking forward to your next visit.
- Bonnie Martin

Loved the Kid's Class!

Dear Chef Maria: I can speak for my colleagues, as well as, myself when recommending "Cooking With Kids" to any faculty who is looking for a fun and educational on-site field trip. Chef Maria was organized and well-prepared from the moment I first called to inquiry about her company. It was quite impressive to watch as she fully engaged the students in the lesson. We look forward to seeing you again in the future. Keep up the great job you are doing. Tina M. Harris Kindergarten Teacher, Oxford Academy of Miami Charter School.
- Tina M. Harris

Great way to make them eat right!

Dear Ms. Maria: We wanted to write to thank you for the wonderful experience Louis has had in your cooking class. In addition to learning many things about food preparation, he has also learned a great deal about nutrition and table manners. Perhaps most incredibly Louis has begun to eat foods that he would have never tried without being introduced to them through you. Before your class, he was a very picky eater and was never even willing to try any type of meat, fish or green vegetable. Thanks to you, he is now eating and enjoying edamame, churasco, salmon and even sushi! We look forward to Louis continuing in your class and to his baby sister Sabrina joining you when she is a little older. Again, many thanks.
- Adriana and Glenn Dryfoos

Best After-school Enrichment!

Hello Maria.... I wanted to thank you for creating one of the best after school enrichment programs our family has ever seen. Sophia learned so much about cooking, ethnic foods from all over the world and how to work with her classmates to make a wonderful meal...all in an hour. Of course the program works because of the obvious hours of prep that you put in before the kids arrive. Thanks for a wonderful experience. We have signed Sophia up for the program again during the Spring term.
- Jerry Tilis Grandpa

Emma enjoys your class a lot!

Hello Maria, Emma enjoys your class a lot. She is a very picky eater, and has tried (and liked!) new foods during your classes. I would really appreciate if you could send me the recipes for the smoothie and the chips with cheese from this past Saturday's class. Emma liked them, and I would love to prepare them at home.
- Liza Ayuso
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