To the Board of Directors and the Management of Jockey Club Condominium,

We, the undersigned owners of Jockey Club Condominium, located at 11111 Biscayne Blvd Miami, FL 33181, hereby petition to initiate a formal process to amend the condominium documents, specifically to change the rules concerning smoking within the building.
As members of this community, we are committed to ensuring a healthy, safe, and enjoyable living environment for all residents. It has come to our attention that the current allowance of smoking within the condominium premises poses health risks, discomfort, and potential financial liabilities due to smoke-related damages and decreased property values.

We propose the following amendments to the condominium documents:

   1. Prohibition of Smoking Inside All Units and Common Areas: Smoking, including the use of cigarettes, cigars, pipes, recreational Marijuana, and electronic smoking devices, shall be prohibited inside all residential units, balconies, patios, and all common areas of the building, including, but not limited to, hallways, lobbies, stairwells, and laundry rooms.

   2. Medical Marijuana Exception: Recognizing the medical needs of certain residents, the use of medical marijuana may be allowed under strict conditions. This exception is limited to use within private residences and requires:
A valid medical marijuana card or physician’s recommendation. Use in a manner that minimizes smoke exposure to other residents, such as through vaporizers or other smokeless methods. Adherence to any additional regulations set forth by the condominium association to ensure minimal impact on other residents.

   3. Designated Smoking Areas: To accommodate residents who smoke, a designated smoking area may be established outside the building, at a sufficient distance from entrances, windows, and ventilation systems, to minimize exposure to secondhand smoke for non-smoking residents.

   4. Implementation and Compliance: A grace period of 1 month will be provided for residents to comply with the new rules. During this period, support and resources for smoking cessation will be made available to assist residents who wish to quit smoking.

   5. Enforcement: Specific measures for enforcing the new smoking policy, including the handling of violations, will be detailed in the amended documents.

We believe these changes will significantly improve the quality of life for all residents by reducing health risks associated with secondhand smoke, enhancing the cleanliness of our community, and preserving and potentially increasing the value of our property.
We request the Board of Directors to consider this petition and to initiate the necessary steps to amend the condominium documents accordingly. We also request a meeting to discuss this proposal further and to outline the process for making this important change.

Thank you for your attention to this matter and for your ongoing commitment to the well-being of our community.


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