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FDD Receipt

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This Disclosure Document summarizes certain provisions of the Franchise Agreement and other information in plain language. Read this Disclosure Document and all agreements carefully.

If The Real Food Academy offers you a franchise, The Real Food Academy must provide this Disclosure Document to you 14 calendar-days before you sign a binding agreement with, or make a payment to, the franchisor or an affiliate in connection with the proposed franchise sale or grant unless otherwise stated in your state's addendum. The deliver of the Disclosure Document is to be received at the earlier of the first personal meeting or 10 business days before the execution of the franchise or other agreement or the payment of any consideration that relates to the franchise relationship in the States of Maryland and New York.

If The Real Food Academy does not deliver this Disclosure Document on time or if it contains a false or misleading statement, or a material omission, a violation of federal and state law may have occurred and should be reported to the Federal Trade Commission, Washington, D.C. 20580 and the State Administrator listed in Exhibit A.

The following are the names, principal business addresses, and telephone numbers of each franchise seller offering the franchise:

11111 Biscayne Blvd Ste 205
Miami, FL 33181
Email: _________________________
Phone: _________________________

Arthur Cummins
11111 Biscayne Blvd Ste 205
Miami, FL 33181
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 305-753-6644

Maria Cummins
11111 Biscayne Blvd Ste 205
Miami, FL 33181
Email: [email protected]

Date of Issuance: March 1, 2023
Our Agents for Service of Process are listed in Exhibit B.

I have received a Franchise Disclosure Document with an issuance date of March 1, 2023 that included the following exhibits on the date listed below:

A. List of State Administrators
B. List of State Agents for Service of Process
C. Franchise Agreement
Exhibit 1 General Release
Exhibit 2 Nondisclosure and Non-Competition Agreement
Exhibit 3 Unlimited Guaranty and Assumption of Obligations
Exhibit 4 Holders of Legal or Beneficial Interest in Franchisee
Exhibit 5 Multi-State Addenda
Exhibit 6 De-Identification
Exhibit 7 Pre-Opening Certification
Exhibit 8 ACH Agreement
Exhibit 9 Online/Social Media Request
Exhibit 10 Lease Rider
D. Table of Contents to the Confidential Operations Manual
E. Financial Statements
F. List of Terminated Franchisees
G. Multi-State Addenda

Please sign and print your name below, date and return one copy of this receipt to The Real Food Academy and keep the other for your records.

MM slash DD slash YYYY
Prospective Franchisee*
Use the mouse or a stylus to provide signature.
(If Prospective Franchisee is an entity)

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